January 14, 2012

Spotted - Classic Mustang

Living in SoCal, stumbling upon beautiful cars is practically a daily occurrence.  Today, I discovered this gorgeous blue classic 'stang sitting quietly in a parking lot down the street from my apartment.  I've been past that lot multiple times, but usually at night, I had no idea this car was there! But I'm glad I found it. It's just...WOW.

Perhaps I've never mentioned this before, but I adore classic mustangs.  And I believe very deeply that's because they run in the family.  My dad had a '65 fastback in powder blue that he restored himself as well as a convertible model.  (He's also owned a few corvettes, including a '72 stingray)

Of course this one here is not a fastback, but it's just as lovely.  I really like the hood pins, I've never seen a car with hood pins that didn't look better because of them.  And for those of you who don't know, they do serve a purpose! Hood pins help hold down the bonnet for race cars and those modified with aftermarket parts.

This last photo is my favorite from today.  You know how they say a picture's worth a thousand words? I think that's often very true, but this one leaves me speechless. Take a little time to admire it, you just might see what it is that's so appealing about these old pony cars.

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  1. “Living in SoCal, stumbling upon beautiful cars is practically a daily occurrence.” – You are lucky to live in that place. I would move there in a heartbeat just to see gorgeous rides like this. Every day would surely become a special one.