January 24, 2012

The Best Present EVER.

While most girls like to get jewelry from their boyfriends, I'm different. Yesterday, after weeks of anticipation, I received my belated Christmas gift from mine: this gorgeous 1/18 diecast of the Aston Martine One-77.  Although it's not the official model, it's still highly detailed.  It's apparent it was designed with the utmost attention to detail, why else would there be such an insane amount of packaging around it (including the box it was mailed in not pictured)?

Once I freed it from its trappings, I couldn't stop drooling over it.  Everything is so well done a proper forced prospective photo could easily trick the eye into thinking it were the real thing! Even from this image you can see the flakes in the paint, which is the signature Villa D'Este Blue found on the life-size car.

Typical of any diecast, this car has moveable parts.  Being an Aston, its doors open up at a slight angle, mimicking the 45 degree angle used on the real doors to avoid scraping them against a tall curb. If you think the doors are impressive...

...check out that hood! It also opens up just like on the real car. An extremely detailed miniature replica of the 7.3 liter V12 engine that powers the Ultimate Aston lies underneath. Too bad it can't produce the actual sound.

The side profile reveals the mesmerizing shape and lines of the One-77.  All those curves and me with no brakes!

And the backside? Psh, forget about it. It's BEAUTIFUL.

I couldn't be more pleased with my gift, I dare to say it's one of the BEST presents I've ever received.  Not to mention it makes for a marvelous desk piece.  And it matches my laptop's background.

Now I can tell people I own an Aston Martin! I just won't tell them it's not actual size ;)


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