My name is Etoria, I'm an automotive enthusiast from California, welcome to my blog! A little about myself:

I've been crazy about cars since childhood, and every year I dive deeper into their world.  I look for every opportunity to interact with them and learn more about them.  I follow popular blogs and websites, and attend events whenever I can. Most recently, I began pursuing automotive photography. 

This blog is a place to share what I love with the rest of the world.  I post my own photos,  share videos, and occasionally report on automotive news that catches my interest.  Hopefully you find the content worth reading :)

It's been considered "unusual" for a girl to fancy cars along with the typical things like fashion, beauty, shopping etc., but the two can actually coexist peacefully in a girl's world just fine! This blog should provide some truth to that and prove female enthusiasts are not as rare as some might think.  

Enjoy your visit & come back often! Welcome to I Dream of Speed.