December 13, 2011

I Got An iPhone! (Cool Car Apps)

I got an iPhone 3GS as my early Christmast present, and I absolutely love it! (It runs on iOS 5 just like the 4 and 4S models so it's completely up to date) I'll never have to fuss over keeping up with a phone and an mp3 player again!

You may be wondering why I would even post about this, but there's a good reason! This blog is mainly about cars (along with some other girly things lol), so I figured I could share about the car related apps I've downloaded. Here's a quick synopsis of my favorites:

1) Aston Martin Explore - Enter the world of Aston Martin with this unique app. Check out photos, videos, sounds, catch up on the latest news from the company, and even learn about the history of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, all totally FREE. And if you're willing to spend a few bucks, purchase the Aston Martin Experience instead, which offers even more.

2) Asphalt 6: Adrenaline - A high speed racing game with stunning graphics and a chance to drive and collect some of the most exclusive cars in the world. I never would've expected such a great game for handheld devices, compatible with iPhone, iPod & iPad, and it's now totally free!

3) Car Buzz - Stay up to date with the latest news from hundreds of manufacturers, complete with photos and videos. There's new updates every day so be sure to check it frequently if you like being in the know.

4) Top Gear News - What enthusiast doesn't love Top Gear? Get more of Jezza, Hamster & Captain Slow with the news app. You can read on up on their latest test drives, watch your favorite clips, and see previews for what's coming next! All that Top Gear goodness can be yours for FREE!

If you're an iPhone user & you're crazy about cars like me, I strongly suggest you head to the App Store & get these amazing apps, you won't be disappointed :)

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  1. Did you know that you can also download several car magazines using the Newsstand app that comes preloaded with iOS 5? Many of these magazines allow you to download one issue for free and they also offer 12 month subscriptions for decent prices.