December 1, 2011

Fashion Models vs. Car Models: Who Wins?

Two days ago the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show aired on CBS, and millions tuned in.  The "sexiest night on television" is where the V.S. Angels rock the runway in flirty fashion costumes to promote the company's belief that women should be fun, sexy and fierce.  I think a lot of women are in under the impression that men only drool over models for their bodies, no matter what their actual modeling job is.  But yesterday, I came across this post from Night-Import's Facebook page that suggested otherwise.

It seems most of the male commenters were in agreeance that fashion models are more respectable than car models.  The argument behind this claim was that car models are quite often "too slutty" and lack any knowledge beyond tech specs they've been taught to say, which almost defeats the purpose of them being involved with cars in the first place.  Fashion models however, work hard at what they do and maintain a level of classiness that makes them desirable other ways than just their appearance.

This discussion actually surprised me, because I sheepishly admit, I thought as long as car models showed some skin, guys had no quarrels about them.  BUT, it appears that men really do appreciate girls who know how to show off what they've got along with talent, personality and poise.  I've always held the belief that this was the way to go, but hadn't see too many guys out there who supported this until now.

So tell me, where do you stand on this issue? Are fashion models really "better" than car models? Why or why not? Is there something car models should do differently to have a better reputation?

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