December 30, 2011

Games - Need for Speed: The Run

My sis picked up a copy of NFS The Run two days ago and I've been playing it since we got it home.  While I'm initially excited about the latest installment of the NFS series, I have mixed feelings about it. Let me break it down in terms of what I like about the game, and what I don't.

1) Visuals - I do not own a PS3, so I rarely witness just how incredible the graphics on the system really are.  The amount of detail and accuracy with both the cars and racing environments is truly astonishing. The process of taking a real car and creating a 3-dimensional counterpart in a video game is pain staking work, but it really pays off.

2) Cars - This goes without saying, but with any car game, the selection of vehicles is very important.  Half the reason I even get a game is for the collection of rides I can get behind the wheel of.   View the full list here, which includes the Pagani Zonda Cinque, Lamborghini Countach, Aston Martin One-77 & Bugatti Veyron Super Sport for the PS3 version.

3) Storyline - If you're a fan of The Fast & The Furious movies, there's a good chance you'll like the plot of The Run.  The game is centered around the character Jack (who reminds me very much of Bryan O'Conner), who's gotten himself into some serious trouble.  The Run is a 3,000 mile race between San Francisco & New York with a grand prize of $25 million.  There's a lot at stake for him, but if he wins, all his problems are solved.  Your job is to make sure he's first across the finish line.

1) Steering Response - Maybe I'm just lazy or something, but I'm not a huge fan of racing games that are highly realistic (after all, aren't videogames about escaping reality?).  I'm all for accuracy in the way a car handles in a game vs. real life, but I think The Run is taking it a bit too far?  I've found myself fighting with some of the cars to get them around corners, and DEAR GAWD the RWD cars are a pain. Enter a corner too aggressively and you're asking to spin out.  Me no likely the oversteer effect.

2) Nitrous Recovery - NOS can be very useful in a sticky situation,  but until you've gained enough driving experience, it's slow to refill.  Be mindful of how much you use and when, you don't want to be without it when you need it most.

3) Driving Assists - They don't exist.  While they can be extremely helpful in keeping control in other games, you're on your own in this one.  My advice to you, brake into corners a little before you think you need to, it just might save your tail. No ABS or traction control here!

4) COPS - On certain stages in the game you'll have to complete challenges while simultaneously avoiding the police.  Back in the days of Most Wanted, it was pretty easy, but here, the 5-0 is hot on your six.   Watch them carefully, one shunt from an interceptor at the wrong time can cost you. My suggestion is to give 'em a nice little love tap when you can.  It'll buy you some time to put some distance between you and them.

I hope anyone who reads this will take it with a grain of salt.  I'm writing from my own perspective and my own preferences when it comes to gaming, so be sure to give this game a try and see how you like it for yourself.

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