November 5, 2012

Spotted - Cars in Vegas

This weekend I went to Vegas for the very first time to celebrate a friend's 21st birthday. Even though I was supposed to be there to party (which I don't really do much of), you know I couldn't help but be on the look out for good cars. I saw many photo-worthy vehicles (three Gallardos, two Rolls Royces, a Bentley, a Ferrari & three GT-R's), but I was only able to get photos of a select few. Worse yet, they came out ugly, but I still wanted to share them.

As we pulled into the Excalibur parking lot friday night, I immediately spotted two cars on a trailer. I was highly suspicious they were SEMA cars, and turns out I was correct! The first was this dope Fairlady 350z with a Veilside Body kit.  It's been shown at several events, including Wekfest. I don't much about it beyond that, but I'm looking into it.

The flared arches over the wheel wells were probably my favorite thing about the kit. Nice fitment going on too.

At the back, you really get a sense at just how wide this car actually is. SWEET. Oh, and that's my boyfriend Curtis, he has a terrible habit of getting in my pictures lol, ignore him.

The other car sitting on the trailer was this white RSX. I had taken more pictures of it, but none of them came out. Kicking myself for that one. It's no less impressive than the Z. The terrible light really obscures its appearance.

A little later we walked across the bridge connecting the Excalibur with New York New York, and I caught this FR-S passing by underneath.

Inside the casino sat this Audi A4 (is that correct? don't know my Audis too well) in a ravishing shade of red. I'm guessing it was one of those vehicles you can enter to win. Either that, or you win big money and score the car too.

Lastly, on our way back, I caught a truck hauling an El Camino and what looks to be either an old Ford, Chevy or GMC (I have trouble identifying cars from that era) that I assume are used for drag.  Not sure if they were part of SEMA too, I know there's a pretty big race/drag culture in Vegas.  Either way, it was a lovely sight while we were driving through the middle of nowhere to get out of the mountains.

I enjoyed myself in Vegas and was thankful for the cars I did get to see, but next time I go I'll likely focus more on spotting and less on partying, it's a great spot for enthusiasts. Hope I can go back soon.
-Etoria ❤


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