September 27, 2012

Spotted - Matte Pink BMW 335i

I've been living in my new apartment for a week now and recently noticed a conspicuous car hiding under a cover across the way.  Peeking out from underneath the gray shroud was a matte pink BMW E90 335i. As I've stated before, pink cars generally disgust me, but for some reason, I adore this one.

After my discovery, I had been itching to get a better look at it, and tonight, I got the opportunity when the owner parked it in the lot outside my building. Unfortunately, all I had was my phone and I doubted I'd have  time to run back up to my room to get my camera, so a few grainy photos will have to suffice for now.

Originally, I thought the car was actually painted this color. Closer inspection revealed this is just a wrap.  

For those who don't know, a wrap is a type of vinyl that may be fitted over the entirety of a car's body.  The wrapping process requires three steps: measuring the dimensions, creating the wrap, and applying it to the vehicle.  This can be done is a little as one day and the wrap can last for up to five years.  No damage is done the paint, and the wrap will stay in place until it is removed. 

This particular job was done by Impressive Wrap in El Monte, CA.  A bit of searching online brought me to their Facebook fan page and an entire album documenting the process of wrapping this 335i, which is white underneath.  My photos really don't do it justice so I recommend perusing through them, but perhaps with a bit of luck I'll get another chance to see it out in the open and I'll have my camera on hand next time.Job well done for Impressive Wrap, I am in fact impressed lol. I look forward to seeing this car around, it's quite the head turner.  -Etoria ❤


  1. More like a neck-breaker! This car is gorgeous! Car wraps are really an effective way to protect cars from dirt and unwanted scratches. It can definitely help cars maintain their cleanliness and incredibly premium value. I might have to do this with my car someday. :)

    Clint Moore

  2. Car wraps are ideal if you want a new paint for your car but don't want to get rid off of the original paint entirely. It will be like having a new car when you remove the car wrap. Another notable thing is that it wouldn't damage your car's original paint. So, after removing the car wrap, you can drive off with the old one unscathed.

  3. You’re right, Etoria. Even I can’t help but be impressed with the work done with the car’s vinyl wrapping, as well as with the entire look of the car. In addition, a vinyl wrap can also protect the car’s paint job from the sun’s UV rays that may cause the paint to fade.

    Matha Trotter

  4. I’m confident you liked this one for two reasons. First, it is a BMW. Second, the paint finish is matte. Matting creates an eggshell-like effect on the car’s surface, which makes it not too flashy, but still authentic.