November 12, 2012

The Boys Finally Meet

Usually when I do car things, I go with my friend Bernie (a.k.a my twin) to meets or the track, and my boyfriend Curtis takes me to all the official events. Bernie rocks his gorgeous '12 Infiniti G37S, and Curtis keeps it chill with his low-key '05 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT. I had always been bummed that we could never do something all together (and therefore get the cars together) but that finally changed last night.

Bernie & I had planned to attend the Life's Good Meet nearly a week ago, and it happened that Curtis was able to come too, so we made a date of it. On the way there, they decided to make a pit stop at the gas station to wash the cars so I took the liberty of getting a few quick photos (and once again, without my camera ^^; ). At some point, I hope to do a proper shoot with them because I think they make an excellent pair.

These are two very different vehicles, but both make for a pleasant driving experience. Bernie's G is RWD with over 300hp and a tail-happy feeling, while Curtis' Legacy 2.5 GT is AWD with a lively turbo that kicks in at just 2000rpm and feels well grounded. It's incredibly fun to ride with either one of them. I'm thankful I get that marvelous opportunity on a regular basis, lucky me!

Perhaps in the future we'll have another opportunity to hang out like this, it was pretty fun. Nothing like doing what you love with people you love, and in my case, cars you love :) Afterall, that's what life is all about, isn't it?

-Etoria ❤


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