November 8, 2012

Featured - Sara's Honda S2K

It's time for a new feature! This installment puts the spotlight on a car I found on Import Sweethearts, an online community for female enthusiasts to support each other and portray a positive image of us ladies on the car scene. This lovely S2K belongs to an awesome gal named Sara from Albuquerque & I'm so glad she let me post it up. Read on to hear more about her car.

1) Why did you choose this car?
"I had wanted an S2000 since they were released in 1999. I was obsessed with them and have always been a Honda girl. My first car was a Civic, then had 2 RSXs, and just knew I had to have an S2K some day. I saw this one for sale a few hours away from here, and it was low miles with a set of Volks on it and it looked great. It was meant to be! Traded in my '06 RSX-S and haven't looked back since."

2) What's it like to drive?
"It's so fun. I can throw it around, drive it as fast or slow as I want, and happily cruise it to work every single day. It's fun no matter what I do! Plus, the looks the car gets is just awesome. It makes me feel good that people notice it on the road."

3) How does it feel to own it?
"I feel like a proud mama, lol. I love doing things to the car and getting positive feedback."

4) What do you like about the car?
My favorite pieces are the hardtop and wheels. Although, the wheels I'm talking about aren't even on the car yet. I just picked up a set of VS-XX's and I'm in the process of getting them refinished and powder coated teal.

5) What don't you like about the car?
"It's small. And it's low (by choice). That just means I can't carry lots of things around or go certain places with the car. But those things really don't bother me... although I'm thinking of getting a daily with some room to spare. :)"

6) Any plans for modification?
"As mentioned, the new wheels. It's a long process to pull them apart, refinish the barrels, and get them prepped for powder coating. I also have an AP2 bumper and lip that I'm waiting to get painted to put on the car. It's going to be a big change but very exciting!"

7) How long are you planning to keep the car?
"Forever, lol! As long as I can. Barring some catastrophic event (knocking on wood right now..) I will keep her in my collection for a long long time. We've already been together 5 years, she's paid off, and a blast to own everyday. I can't see any reason to sell. My plan is to get a daily so the S2000 can rest in the garage a little more."

8) Anything else?
"I would just like to thank SWStance and the whole Albuquerque car scene for being really accepting of a girl. Sometimes I see brutal treatment of girls in our scene but they've been great to me. They give me great recognition and it feels great to be a part of such a cool community."

Thank you Sara for sharing your S2K with me and everyone who reads this.  You are one of the many examples of the cool girls out there in the automotive community who know what they're doing.  It's so important we keep pushing for the respect we deserve by showing the boys just what we can do!  Best wishes to you and your car.

Hope you guys enjoyed the feature, girl power!
-Etoria ❤

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