June 4, 2012

Wekfest L.A. 2012

Saturday afternoon I went over to the Queen Mary for Wekfest L.A. This was another new event for me, but I had heard so many good things about it I knew I was in for a great day. Of all the shows I've been to this year I think Wekfest is actually my favorite, everything about this event was choice.

The event is held just down the way from the famed Queen Mary of Long Beach Harbor. The massive cruise ship looms in the distance along the dock, creating one of the most scenic locations for a car show I've ever been to. At some point I hope to travel back there to check it out, I hear it's haunted!

Before heading into the main show area, I saw some familiar faces from past events out on the concrete. I was glad to get a second chance with these cars because my previous photos were terrible. The first was this big brown LS. Never before have I seen a car wear this color so nicely!

Next I spotted the Tiffany Blue 350z. Still think it'd be the perfect mascot for I Dream of Speed if it were mine :)

As I made a bee line over to some more cars I recognized, the body kit and color of this GT-R made my jaw drop. What else is there to say about this but, "whooooa."

Directly to the left of that GT-R was the bad ass gold Supra MK4 by Top Secret.

It was looking rather wide.

Gina was up after that, and I had to get another picture. You will never see another pink car this baller.

Jon Sibal's Challenger was also present, and this time my photo does it justice! He's got one of the meanest modern muscles on the scene right now. Respect.

Miatas were out in force, but the body work on this one took the cake. While it's clear a front end conversion was done, I have no clue what the bumper is originally off of. I love its quirkiness though.

The last car before the main entrance to the grass section. The older Infiniti's are not that attractive in my opinion, but the M class was pretty legit. I liked the clean simplicity of this one, and the single stripe accent added a nice touch.

Once through the gate, the rest of the show sat right along the water. The sun was shining and the breeze carried the salty scent of the ocean, it was glorious. I can think of no better place to sit a topless 911.

After the Porsche came the head-turning Bentley Continental GTC I had previously seen at Motion. The backdrop made for a killer photo opportunity, which I took. I dare say this is my best shot from Wekfest, but feel free to disagree and tell me which one you think is best!

I stopped drooling over the Bentley when I noticed these two: an Aston Martin Vantage & Maserati Quattroporte.  The quintessential British luxury car & the Italian four-door hitman looked so good together.

The treats didn't stop there though. This SL65 ran in this year's Gumball 3000, a 3000 mile rally from New York to Los Angeles in one week. I definitely wasn't expecting one of those cars to show up, it was sweet.

This was the only RX-7 I remember seeing, but it was definitely on point. Black & gold is a classic JDM combo.

Starting through the rows further in, some cars stood out amongst their peers. I can't quite describe how sparkly the paint job was on this WRX, but you could literally see the flakes from ten feet away. I'm more accustomed to seeing Subbies built for the track, but they look just as good slammed.

My heart skipped a beat upon the sight of this NSX. Most I've seen on the road have been black or red, but this one was a gorgeous shade of blue. Want.

Speaking of cool blue cars, I noticed this S2000 Club Racer. The CR was intended for the track so it's lighter and faster than the regular model, but has fewer amenities. Radio and A/C are the only options! About 2000 units exist.  I was thinking of getting a picture with it since my shirt was a similar color, we were twins!

The third blue car I want to highlight is this 350z. I feel like wide body kits are hard to pull off on most cars, but here it gives the shape more definition and more curves, especially with how the wheels  are nice and snug under the rear arches. The color makes everything pop.

Yet another car from Motion, the blinged out Lexus CT200h with Swarovski Crystals by D.A.D. Accessories.

I suppose all the sparkling jewels tempted some of the guests, because this sign was propped up against the windshield as a deterrent. Show the man's work some respect! You should never touch any car at a show unless you've been told it's ok.

In addition to the CT200h, this black xB was also done by D.A.D. Never before have I seen a sicker looking box.

If you follow I Dream of Speed's Facebook page, you may recall I posted a photo of this exact Exige S a few months ago. It was nice to see it up close.

Mazda3's are nifty, they're incredibly fun to drive and modify. I wish I'd see more of them, especially if they're anything like this one, sitting stupidly low with two different sets of wheels.

A purple sleighty chilled in the sun over by the fence on SSR wheels. While the wheels were a bit too shiny for my taste (which I didn't even know was possible), there's no denying this looks good.

Some of the G's on display were modified like crazy, so I had to post a least one of them. You know it's serious business under the hood if the owner takes it off!

Two MK3 Supras attended, and while I admired this red one I'm kicking myself for not getting a photo of its sister car, which was black with a wide body kit. I'm really starting to miss the one my boyfriend had, maybe I should get one?

The new Honda Accord doesn't really strike me as a car one would modify, so I was surprised to see a handful of them there. You can customize anything you want though, that's the beauty of being an enthusiast, there's no right or wrong answer to anything.

While looking at the cars along the fence, I was constantly hearing revs and burnouts at the light just beyond as people left the show. It happened so many times it was all too easy to catch some of the guilty parties on video. Allow me to gently remind you to always be a safe and respectful driver at events, nobody likes ricers.

As the sun started to set and the wind picked up, I decided it was time to go. This is the last car I snapped a photo of on the way out. Forgive me for finding something ironic about a big yellow NSX with a handicap permit. I'm sure the driver has a good reason for possessing one, I just hope it has nothing to do with driving that thing too fast!

I definitely enjoyed myself at Wekfest, I wish more shows were set up like it. The location of an event is just as important as the cars that show up, so I'm hoping I'll get more opportunities to attend events with similar venues; this is what automotive dreams are made of.

-Etoria ❤


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