May 22, 2012

Motion Auto Show 2012

The 6th Annual Motion Auto Show was held at the Long Beach Convention Center sunday. This event is one of the largest of its kind in Southern California due to its variety in automotive stylings and the number of vendors who attend. I had never been to this event before, but I was very impressed.  You just might be surprised at my finds yourself.

Even before I actually stepped foot in the Convention Center itself for the main show, I was met with an entire lineup of rides at the entrance. Every car was unique in its own way, but some really stood out.

First in line, a dark purple Acura TSX sitting on gold wheels. For awhile I hated the idea of anyone putting anything on gold wheels, thinking it gaudy and obnoxious. But the truth is, a lot of cars can pull it off very well.

I was a sucker for this G37 as soon as I saw those Gram Lights! Apparently the driver is a member of SocalDriven, a local group open to all makes and models in the area. Way to represent!

Next to the G, this drop dead gorgeous Lexus IS F. $60,000 of snarling Japanese performance machine. I had the pleasure of hearing its low throaty growl but didn't catch it on video. I'd die to have one, which is good, because my mom thinks I'd kill myself driving it lol.

I'm finding that GT-R R35's are not as rare as they once were, particularly at events like Motion. Though it's probably most at home screaming around a track, Godzilla looks just as good completely still on display. The wheels on this one had me intrigued. They're sort of odd but work at the same time.

I know most people who prefer imports really hate Mustangs, but I think they make good candidates for aftermarket modification. Paint it black, slap on a set of Savini wheels, and the pony car gets a little sinister.

Also fitted with Savini shoes was this Cadillac CTS. The American class act just got a little classier.

Admittedly, Bimmers are not of much interest to me, but something about this big yellow 5 series  just felt right.

So maybe the Porsche Panamera is a bit large and perhaps not quite as attractive as other cars of its class to some, but I'm a huge fan and I was happy to see one.

Once inside Motion, the very first car I made a bee line for Bisimoto's twin turbo Porsche 911. It made an appearance at Formula Drift Round 1 last month, but I was unable to get the exact shot I wanted...until now!

Falken brought an entire truckload (literally) of their cars, including this RX-7. Really mad this photo is so crappy, what an amazing FD! I'd love to see it get sideways sometime.

Once I moved past Falken's set up, everything else was arranged in seemingly endless rows. There were so cars I really had no idea where to start, so I just wandered around until I found something I liked. The first thing to catch my eye was this clean yellow RX-7. Lookin' good.

After the RX-7, I noticed this 370z. Between the kit and the wheels it was looking sick.

I was also quite fond of this 350z, that shade of blue is kind of like the one I use here on IDS!


The real showstopper though was this red twin turbo NSX. My jaw literally dropped.  Have you ever seen one more awesome? I bet not.

Just when I thought the NSX wasn't crazy enough, an entire section of the floor was dedicated to a fleet of Camaros, a few of which were truly insane to behold. All of the lighting on this one changed colors!

And this one? It just might be K.I.T.T.'s evil twin.

Another 911, modded by Donlyson Auto Concepts, stood alone in the middle of the floor. A vision in white.

It almost felt like it was watching the show itself.

The red IS F outside was nice, but this blue one here was just nasty with its aero accents, carbon fiber lipped spoiler and gunmetal gray wheels. Wouldn't mess with this thing if I saw it coming up behind me.

A few of the cars at the show had some interesting paint jobs. I'm not really sure what to call this effect, it's sort of like clouds, or smoke, or...something. Cool huh?

How about the crazy blue paint job on this 3000 GT? It's a little bit too crazy for my taste, as is the kit and the wheels. But to each their own.

Once my eyes recovered from the 3000 GT, I thoroughly enjoyed this CR-Z. I've never seen one that didn't look dope.

Earlier I photographed a black CTS outside, but inside I found a bad ass white one. I believe it's actually a CTS-V! The two are examples of how a Cadillac can be classy but also aggressive at the same time.

Right next to it at the same booth, a white GT-R. Simple, yet still stunning.

V.I.P. rides were scattered throughout the floor, but one particular area had an entire lineup of them. Unfortunately this big bad 7 series was the only image that came half-way decent, but it's superb.

Luckily, I randomly decided to do a video walking around the cars. Everything in this line is stupidly slammed and stupidly cambered. Whether you like the cambered look or not, it is an interesting sight.  I apologize for the shakiness but there was so much bass in the music my phone felt the vibrations.

While most of the cars at the show were your every day rides, there were some high profile vehicles present as well. The first one I spotted was a Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG convertible. Luxury aftermarket styling takes a fancy car and turns it into a beautiful monster.

Ok, so the SL 65 was nice already, but I never expected to find an SLR McLaren! One of the world's most exclusive hypercars made its way here and it left me absolutely speechless. I had the opportunity to get up close and see the interior as the butterfly doors hung open over my head. The smell of that leather was phenomenal.

Just when I thought I had seen enough between the two Mercs, An ice blue Bentley Continental GTC sat the end of another row across the way fitted with a body kit developed by Prior Design North America and Savini wheels. It blew me away. How can a car look so mean but still be so plush and luxurious inside!? Incredible.

Speaking of the fancier things in life, perhaps you've heard of D.A.D.? They're best known for their Swarovski SL 600's worth $5 million a piece. They gave this Lexus CT-200h the same treatment. The car was dripping with crystals!



Now that's what I call blinged out.

I hate to say it but that little Lexus may have been the highlight of the show for me (even my boyfriend liked it!). Sure it's girly and shiny, but you have to admire the amount of work that went into it. That alone makes it worth recognizing.

The final thing I want to share is the amazing discovery I made in the parking lot leaving the show: a Jaguar XKR-S and Audi R8 side by side on the lower level. Both of these cars are considerably rare, so the chance of seeing them together is slim. Let alone together someplace like this!

Interestingly enough the Jag appeared to be from San Francisco. It's made quite a trip.

I didn't really learn anything about the origins of the R8, but wherever it came from, I'm glad I got to see it!

Motion was one of the most surprising shows I've been to all year and I'm definitely planning to go next year. If these are the types of cars I found this year, who knows what will be in store next time.
-Etoria ❤

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  1. that red nsx was my favorite! i personally would have liked to see more cars at the event cause i recognized so many of them already haha (: