June 30, 2012

Spotted - Twin Murcielagos

Last weekend I was lucky enough to see a Tesla Roadster in my neighborhood, but this evening I must've been extra lucky, because I saw not one, but TWO Lamborghini Murcielagos! I was out in Walnut Creek having dinner with a friend to celebrate her birthday when the two bulls rolled up to the valet across the street from our restaurant.  Considering Lamborghinis tend to be pretty rare, I knew I had to get a better look.

The minute the check was paid and we walked out, I was itching to get across the street to check them out.  The first was this orange one, and it stuck out like a tangy sore thumb amongst the drably colored every day cars on the block.  It sat on a set of black wheels with an orange lip that matched the paint.  I ended up having a chat with the valet as I took the pictures, and I learned that he was actually too scared to park either one of the cars himself, so their owners were left to the task.  Can't say I blame him, but it would've been cool to say you had the chance.

Two cars down was the second Murc in a gorgeous dark teal color.  Between the two, I have to say this one was my favorite, the paint selection was complimented superbly with the all black wheels and tinted tail lights (see next image). I could tell I wasn't the only one who favored it either, several passers-by spent most of their time with this one, even though both were stunning.
I can't think of a better way to end my evening than seeing two big V12 Lambos chilling on the street.  Even as I finally let my friends drag me away from them, the cars were still grabbing attention from pedestrians and other drivers (several cars slowed down for passengers to snap pictures and one guy even held up traffic for a few minutes lol).  I know everyone's on the Aventador tip right now, but you can't tell me you wouldn't trip out if you saw a Murcielago in the wild, let alone TWO.  The only thing I regret this evening is my camera's suckish nature with low light, these pictures would've been phenomenal otherwise! I gotta get a new camera. *headdesk*

Let's hope that luck stays with me all summer! Who knows what else I might find.
-Etoria ❤

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  1. This is one sexy blog and you are one cool woman. Ever come to Aspen?