June 25, 2012

Spotted - Tesla Roadster

I'm back home in the Bay for summer, and I'm starting to remember what an amazing place it is for cars. Sure we have our fair share of automotive events, but even daily outings here can be incredibly rewarding. Yesterday afternoon I stumbled upon this silver Tesla Roadster in Montclair Village.

If you know the area, Montclair and Piedmont are fairly affluent, so it's not uncommon to see BMW's, Mercedes, Porsches, and the occasional Maserati or Ferrari roaming around. However, every once in awhile you see something out of the ordinary, like this.

Granted the Roadster has a reputation for being a bit temperamental with its battery and the company's previous spat with an owner over the issue, this may quite honestly be the most attractive fully electric car on the road, and that's good enough for me to overlook its shortcomings. This is a sexy little car.

Do a full walk-around, and you won't find even one angle it doesn't look spectacular from. I truly wish other manufacturers would make a conscious effort to make their electric vehicles as gorgeous as the Tesla Roadster.
I'm certain its looks can convince just about anyone to give up gasoline.

Just as I was finishing up with my photos, the owner came back. I felt a little guilty for getting caught and kindly excused myself for being so taken with it.  My mother always warns me about this happening.

Luckily, he was very understanding and even asked me if I'd like to sit in it. Naturally I said yes! He  also offered to take this picture for me. Just wish I wasn't so short, you can barely see me! And the seat is way lower than I thought, you're essentially sitting on the floor lol. Despite all that though, YAY.

I'm very thankful for interactions like these with owners. I'm sure he appreciated my enthusiasm just as much as I appreciated his generosity. So Mr. Tesla Roadster owner, if you ever see this post, THANK YOU! You rock, enjoy your awesome car.

-Etoria ❤


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