July 6, 2012

Featured - Josh's Scion FR-S

This post marks the beginning of a new series: featured rides. Every so often I'm going to have someone send photos of their car and answer a list of questions about their experience owning it. The point is to offer some insight into what it's like to live with a car the automotive community may have strong opinions about. So let's start things off with my buddy Joshua's Scion FR-S named Xenogear in Florida. I'll let him take over from here.

Why did you choose the car? - "(It) was an impulse buy for me.  I didn't plan on buying the car because I just wanted to look at the car and make my decision at the end of the year.  Went for a test drive and ended up with the keys in my hand the same day.  I originally wanted the car because I've always liked the Sport800, 2000GT, and AE86.  I never got around to owning one so the thought of buying this car would have been awesome."

What's it like to drive? - "It reminds me of a Porsche 944 I got to drive a couple times when I was younger. It's got the small compact space with the sleek, sporty design on the in(side) and out(side) of the car. The car feels like it was made to try out on a road course or whipping around corners."

How does it feel to own it? - "The feeling is pretty cool...I've gotten a lot more attention in the FR-S than I did in my Challenger. I think all of the 'it's too slow' junkies are just internet trolls, because I've met a lot more people who like the car rather than hate it. So I finally feel like I have a unique car loved by many enthusiasts."

What do you like about the car? - "I like the center of gravity it has stock, the 'tail-happy' feeling you can experience with it, the short shifting of the manual transmission, and last but not least, the handling of the car."

What don't you like about the car? - "I guess the fact that this car has a lot of potential and I think it should've had a boxer engine that had at least 250hp and 215lbs of torque. I'm sure Toy-Baru did it like this for many sensible reasons that made the car still awesome! The only other thing I can say I don't like is the fact they didn't just make the Toyota GT-86 a production car the North American market and left out the middle man (Scion). It's still technically a GT-86 though, just with 'cheaper parts.'"

Any plans for modification? - "Of course! I've already installed a Beat Sonic Sharkfin Antenna, some Rota Grids (18x8.5 with 225/40R18 tires for the front and 18x19.5 +38 with 245/45R18 for the back) in Hyberblack and I'm planning to do some more.  Next will be coilovers, exhaust system, a new pulley, possibly a carbon fiber wing (for track and downforce purposes), then possibly end it off with getting a turbo kit.  Tuning is fun and I always change my mind from month to month so who knows what I'll do!"

194868_334423856640472_494247306_o Anything else? - "Honestly, the Scion FR-S / GT-86 is a great comeback to the sports car wold.  A lot of people may beg to differ because of the fact it can't hang with a lot of the high end sports cars out there, but the main idea of this car was to be an entry level sports car for tuning or taking out on some corners in a road course, or even just driving around in style!  No need for 500hp unless it's something you are seriously looking for.  The Toyota GT-86 / Scion FR-S/ Subaru BRZ was built for sporty fun like the Sport800, the 2000GT, and the AE86, as opposed to being a top competitor car.  I'm really hoping to see how fun this can really be once I'm done with my mods!"

There you have it folks, a honest interview with an FR-S owner.  I'm hoping Joshua's responses will provoke a little more thought and consideration for the FR-S as a legitimate driver's car for the modern world.  I know there are still a lot of mixed feelings floating around but like him, I think it has some serious potential.  It may have a little underdog status right now, but I have a feeling it won't stay that way for long.

I want to say thanks to Joshua for being my first feature and my buddy Pc for providing some of the pics (the photos of the FR-S in all the greenery).  Really happy we could make this happen and hopefully it's the start of an awesome new series for my blog.  Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think of this new concept! Feedback is always important to me.

Visit Scion.com for more on the FR-S.
-Etoria ❤


  1. Sweet car, awesome, short to the point article. Pat yourself on the back, this was a good read. Keep up the work!

    1. Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked the format. I can't wait to do some more of these.

  2. oh man after reading this article all i'm thinking about now is to buy a gt 86!