April 13, 2012

Formula Drift 2012 - Part III

JDM styled rides are huge out here in Southern California, just spend a day out in a major city or cruising on the freeway and you're bound to see some crazy looking imports.  Although you can spot them anywhere, meets and shows are the one place you find tons of them in the same location for a few hours.  Enter Part III of Formula Drift: The Slammed Society Showcase!

I absolutely have to start with Import Fashion's G35. I learned about the car from Night Import  in October of last year. I love this build because it's breaking a huge stereotype about pink cars. 

It looks good and it's male owned!  Hats off to Alvin, owner of Import Fashion, for such a show stopping G.

Next to the pink G35 was this yellow RX-7.  

This is an FD done right: carbon fiber hood, dark-colored wheels, sleepy headlights, and a tasteful bodykit.

Like?  I LOVE.

The fitment scene isn't just for Asian vehicles,  there are also some fantastic Euros and Muscles.  Take Jon Sibal's  daily driven Challenger for example.  As an artist whose job is to professionally design automotive artwork, he knows a thing or to about how to make a car look good.  His Challenger was featured at SEMA.

Along with Sibal's Challenger, I found this Camaro RS.  I think it was the only car in the entire lot that was this down to earth.

I liked the contrast it created amongst all the JDM rides.

On the Euro tip,  there's a little trend with stupidly slammed old school VW Beetles.  I'm a sucker for vintage cars, especially when they look this good. (see another sick Bug on Canibeat).

Speaking of vintage and old school, perhaps you've heard of the famed Datsun Bluebird? This car is treated like ancient royalty, among the same ranks as the original Nissan Skyline and Toyota Celica.  And like those cars, I'm guessing there aren't very many left, I feel honored to have seen one.

This V.I.P. GS was keeping it classy.  Nothing makes you feel fancy as f*ck like having tiny curtains in your windows!

I've seen a few cars around the internet with a GT-R front end conversion, but most of them don't work.  This insanely blue G35 actually makes it look very cool!  A damn sight better than the ridiculous Altima conversion I posted a photo of awhile back.

Check out the fitment on this G35, definitely hellaflush on those white SSR's.  Form > Function.

A simple and clean G37.  I've got a buddy with one, and I think he could take some cues from this car for what to do with his :)

Hardtop S2000's  are sexy.  I think the look is much more aggressive than the regular soft top convertible, you can even slap one on a Miata and make it look bad ass.

But little cars look good topless as well. I was particularly interested in this white one because of the roll bar, the "heartless" decal on the side and...

...the pink steering wheel and gold shift knob.  Pretty cool in my opinion.  Even simple touches can make someone's ride unique and eye catching.

See what I mean?

Even just a nice color can make a car that much more attractive. I've taken an interest in the old Datsun Z's, this 260 wasn't actually on display but I thought it was worth photographing because I liked its green color.

On the way out there was this silver FR-S.  It's completely stock of course, to show off what the final production model looks like out in the wild.  I like what I see! The FR-S seems to wear any color well, and naturally with its pedigree owners will get creative with the modifications.

Had to save this photo for the end.  A one-off 86 with the top chopped off.  Unfortunately I don't really know the story behind this car but I thought it was super cool.  Who knows what else the auto industry will cook up with the new 86?

That's the final bit for Formula Drift,  hope you enjoyed it!
-Etoria ♥


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