April 11, 2012

Formula Drift 2012 - Part II

Formula Drift isn't just about the drift competition, it's also an opportunity for aftermarket companies to come out and show everyone what they have to offer.  Naturally, that means bringing a few cars along to wow the crowd.  This is Part II of Formula Drift, a look at some of the display cars. 

Even after just getting in, I knew there would be some gems.  This orange Mclaren MP4-12C was the very first thing I saw.  The first time I crossed paths with one was back at the S.F. Auto Show in November and it was impressive then, but this time I was able to get up close and personal.

So close in fact, that I spotted this awesome Speedhunters sticker on the window. I've gotta get one!

But the Mclaren was only the beginning.  I'm also a huge fan of the RWB builds that started to gain momentum stateside after Mark Acenal's Pandora One was shown at SEMA, so I was stoked to see two of them at Long Beach.  This white one...

...and this blue one, whose bumper "fell off."  I wanted to get a better shot but the girls refused to step away for even a minute!  I know that's their job, but I'm only interested in the cars. Oh well.

While I couldn't get one from the side or front, I did  manage to get this one of the rear.  Do I really need to say anything about what's going on back here? I don't think so, it speaks for itself (there's something almost pornographic about the way it all twists, turns and catches the light). Yes the mechanics are impressive, but part of the reason I like the business end of this Porsche is because I like shiny things lol.

Thankfully for me there were plenty of shiny parts on display at some of the booths.  These exhaust pipes were quite nice.  I could see my reflection.
The titanium lip Gram Lights were easily my favorite though. Too bad I don't have a car to put them on :c

But if Gram Lights aren't your thing, you've got plenty of other wheels to choose from.  Falken had some pretty cool ones next to the 2012 Bisimoto Honda Civic by their truck. Which ones would you pick?

AEM Intakes is a name you should know if you're into aftermarket parts. They had a track ready Nissan 350z on display.  Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to look under the hood, but two guesses what kind of intake system was in there.

Speaking of track monsters, GReddy had the GT-R that managed a 8.9 second 1/4mile, that thing is QUICK. Also, look at the license plate! Gotta ove the Gozdilla jokes.

Of all the cars out there on display Saturday, I think the X-1 built by the U.S. Air Force was definitely the coolest (named after the X-1 jet, the first aircraft to break the sound barrier).  This is not a car that drives fast, it flies low.

The interior is even straight out of a fighter Jet, complete with night vision, infrared detectors, and an ejector seat. And just like a fighter jet, it's incredibly loud. Ready for takeoff!

Last but certainly not least, a Lamborghini Murcielago over by NOS.  Even though the Aventador has taken over as the head bull in charge, the Murc is still a force to be reckoned with.  Without it, the Aventador would have never even existed.

That concludes Part II for Formula Drift, one more to go!
-Etoria <3


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