February 14, 2012

Think Pink - Special Edition Bentley GT for Breast Cancer Awareness

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I usually don't like pink cars (so weird being a GIRL right? -.-). But every once in awhile I come across one I genuinely admire.  Just in time for Valentine's Day, I've come across this edition Passion Pink 2012 Bentley Continental GT in support of Breast Cancer by Symbolic Motors.

My usual issue with pink cars is that, well, they're ugly.  Most shades of pink simply do not flatter any car in my personal opinion.  But this shade, on this Bentley, it's anything but. This is a pink car done RIGHT !(unlike the mess Paris Hilton created after she got her prissy little hands on one of these) See for yourself in the photos.
Now that you've seen it, and if you can afford it, might you be interested in buying this beauty for yourself or a special someone? I suggest you go to head over to the sales ad page & give these guys a call.  As beautiful as it is, it probably won't be available very long! 

Photos courtesy of google & Symbolic Motor Cars.


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