February 8, 2012

Spotted - Subaru WRX STi

Two weeks ago I came across this WRX STi, but it was too dark to get photos.  Today, I found it in a parking lot on campus while walking to my business class at 7am this morning.  Although it was light enough, I had neglected to bring my camera so I had to use my iPhone (I had a midterm so I wasn't concerned about what cars I might find lol).

Now at first glance you may not notice anything of particular interest here, but look closer.
Ok, now a little closer, see it yet? It's looking right at you.
There! A mounted camera! This may be nothing out of the ordinary for those of you who take your car to the track, but I don't see this too often so I was positively tickled by it. A simple, no-fuss set up that records video essentially from the direct perspective of the driver, pretty neat! Has someone been hooning? :)
But the mounted camera is not the only thing worth looking at, these gold wheels for example, where a nice touch.  Unfortunately I don't know the make or the model.  I tried to read it on the wheel itself but couldn't make it out.
On the backside I found a couple stickers (one reading "I love Gymkhana"), a carbon fiber trunk, and what appears to be either a love tap or battle scar over the rear wheel on the right hand side. Needless to say, this car is well used.  Seeing this car again was a lovely way to start my morning...
And catching this GT-R was a nice way to finish my afternoon.


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