February 28, 2012

Making Some Changes

I've had my blog for about five months now, and the whole time I've been constantly obsessing over how to make it better and more interesting for those who come by it.  I never expected myself to take it this seriously or be so concerned with how others perceived it, but I suppose if I really want to put myself out there, I have to do so with an image that people are both drawn to and can relate to.

That being said, it's time for some changes.  I've chewed on a few ideas and gotten some very helpful feedback that has helped me to determine what exactly I should and want to do. My main objective at this time is to come up with a new name for the blog & build everything else around that.  This is essential to moving forward and taking my blog where I want it to go.

At first, I felt that "Cars & Sparkles" was pretty clever, because it embodies who I am.  But the more I looked at my blog, looked at my idling fan page, and saw the overall lackluster response to it, the more silly and unappealing it felt.  One of the most important aspects of any thing you call your own is the name, it needs to be something witty, catchy, and overall, memorable.  The current name is, admittedly, none of those things in my mind.  So I'm in the works of creating something fresh.

Hopefully the new name will bring a bit more interest and trust in what I have to offer.  I want people to see me not as someone girling up the auto world with fluffy nonsense, but as a fellow enthusiast who's making a legitimate contribution to the community, something worth admiring and supporting. That's my goal.

So, the blog may be a bit inactive while I work to improve it, but I hope to get its makeover completed shortly.  I hope the few readers I have will stick with me and that I acquire new ones after the modifications are complete.

Think of it as my metaphorical project car.  It's not much at the moment, but it's a work in progress that's got a lot to offer! And once it's done, it could be something truly amazing.

Nothin' to it but to do it! Time to get started.